Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★

A solid movie, and an improvement over its predecessor. Also, a decent remake of Raimi's Spider-man 2. It was kind of funny that as soon as that thought had popped into my head, I kept noticing more and more elements and plot points going back to that classic Spider-man film. It's not a bad thing. If they had done all that and not made a good movie, it would have been much more embarrassing, but this is a pretty good film.

Let's set aside all the setup at the end of the film for the future installments, they're not really relevant to a review of Far From Home.

We have our returning cast as well as a few new faces in this one. The returning cast are all as dopey as they were in the previous film, what's nice about this is that it makes it all feel much more like high schoolers versus the Raimi films that suffered a bit by casting people who look old enough to be the parents of high schoolers (mild exaggeration). The real stars here are the new faces in this film, primarily Mr. Gyllenhaal as our man Mysterio. He really works it good, and made for every scene he was in an enjoyable one.

The effects and fight scenes were all decent here. They didn't stray too far down the path that some of the latter Marvel films have gone where they're 90% action and maaaybe 10% plot (I'm looking at you Civil War and Infinity War). The illusion scenes are probably the most interesting part of these visual candy fests.

Story wise, it's just as I said, this is more or less Raimi's Spider-man 2. Sure, we set it abroad and give it a crazy effects budget, but that doesn't change the bones of what the story is. It's still a fun watch regardless.

Finally, yes we can acknowledge that where they're taking the story next will arguably be more interesting. If they can pull it off. But that's neither here nor there for this review.

I give it a solid three out of five. It doesn't break my top Spider-man movie picks, but it's certainly nowhere near the bottom.

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