Allied ★★★½

Plane Ride Review:

Honestly? I'm quite surprised at how much I actually liked this movie. I thought it was going to be the typical WW2-romance movie but I think "Allied" does more than enough to make itself interesting and subverts enough to keep my invested. Brad Pitt is effortless enjoyable and great (especially for me, I love me some Brad), Marion Cotillard is likewise great, and Simon McBurney's brief scene makes him stand-out for me. Although the film's best part, by far, is the First Act, the second and third acts were much weaker and much slower. The First Act is quite impressive to be fully honest, it's a really well done (imo) and paced espionage act, but the second act is very slow and the action and excitement more or less caps off after the end of the first act, which was disappointing. Nonetheless, the weaker 2nd and 3rd acts still have some meat on them and I think the film still transitions into a fully enjoyable drama/romance with enough variance, cliche subversion, and curveballs to stay interesting.

I might be interested in writing a longer-review on this film in the future, perhaps upon a rewatch, since I think there's a lot that can be analysed and discussed about the way this film is made and how it works.

Fairness disclaimer: I watched this movie while on a plane, which in hindsight is not 100% and might not have maximised my enjoyment of the movie. Take this review with a grain of salt.

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