Room ★★★★


In Room, Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay deliver powerhouse performances in an emotionally arresting movie about love, parenthood, growing up, and children. The performances of the two leading actors alone elevate this film to another level, and the emotional oomph of the films overall arc and themes go a long way to make this a memorable, lasting impression of a cinematic experience. While Abrahamson's direction (Like his previous film, Frank, he struggles with narrative balance, resulting in a distinctly stronger first half to a weaker second half), the film's score, and the dialogue all feel clunky at times and leave quite a bit to be desired, this is one of those films that is singlehandedly elevated by the key performances alone and by its emotional relevance and themes.

The strengths resoundingly weigh down the weaknesses, so this is a film I'll happily recommend.

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