The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

Yorgos Lanthimos is quickly, if already isn't, becoming one of my favourite directors. This was an absolute blast.

Lanthimos got an intense amount out of his actors here. Emma Stone delivers easily my favourite performance of the year yet, and I'll be extremely disappointed if she doesn't get an oscar nod at the very least. Nicholas Hoult was also fucking amazing and I love virtually every scene that he was in. Olivia Colman as Queen Anne and Rachel Weisz, obviously, are both also just stunning. This is a knockout acting performance across the board by almost everyone involved, but Emma Stone really shreds it here.

In some ways, the film is a departure from Lanthimos' style evident in his other films The Lobster and Killing of a Sacred Deer, with the tone-deaf and emotionless style mostly absent here, but his comedic timing, mastery of the absurd, and understanding of the surreal, makes this movie appropriately hilarious, especially in scenes that should not be funny. Queen Anne screaming at a servant to look for her maid and seeing him just wave his candle around the dark room looking for someone that clearly isn't there is just fucking hysterical.

All-around amazing, though easy to understand how it might not be everybody's cup of tea. It's easy to walk into this and expect something else, or more, especially of a certain tone. I walked into this with virtually zero knowledge of anything, let alone its plot, and I walked out very happy and captivated. Lanthimos is a master storyteller and deserves our continued adulation for his sheer talent. The film's ending shot is just pure art.

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