Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★

on a certain level i understand joss whedon’s position, the studio hands you a 4 hour movie shot according to zack snyder’s twisted vision and asks you to turn it into avengers. so you add the quips and shit and you change the color grading and aspect ratio so it looks more “normal” and all that, you aren’t quite able to reproduce zacks style style in the reshoots and you have to cgi out henry cavils mustache but you don’t have much of a choice. 
that said the decision to remove extremely basic shit like location establishing shots and character motivations, combined with the baffling choices like cutting every non white person and leaving only vestigial pieces of cyborgs arc is just utter  fucking incompetence beyond just cringe quip stuff and normal bad filmmaking. after that and all the actors talking about how bad he was to work with i hope that he never works again.

literally everything i disliked about the joss cut are fixed, it actually looks good, and feels like a real movie. compared to other superhero team up movies this feels so much more like a comic book event with like pacing and scope.
the one part i didn’t really like was whenever the truck ad guitar kicked in and sounded like shit.

the funniest single change was when superman flies back to his moms house with Lois
in the joss cut lois says “you smell good” to which clark replies “did i not before?” which is a little weird but then in the zs cut it goes “you spoke” “did i not before?” which makes so much more sense

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