Zola ★★★★

i have been waiting for this movie since i was like 12 or however long ago when i read the twitter thread so im going to write an essay

my expectations were lowered a lot once reviews started coming out and so this was definitely a pleasant surprise. it was good. it was really good! taylour paige riley keough and colman domingo are all fantastic. i loved the score and the choice to shoot the film on 35mm. and the cinematography! im glad i watched it and im glad this movie exists.

but i do think it was a very flat interpretation of the tweets. turning a twitter thread into a film is such a genius idea but the screenplay did not feel genius enough. the actual order of the scenes was also STRANGE? so many scenes felt like they were awkwardly interrupting the plot and i didnt understand their presence. it felt like an editing mistake at times. the choice to end the film at that point in the story too was also jarring. there were so many better points to end it at.

my biggest issue is that the film couldnt decide if it wanted to be some insane comedy(ish? comedy feels like the wrong word) or a magnifying glass onto the trauma of the actual situation, and so it came out as a muddled mix of the two, lacking enough empathy to properly execute any possibility.

also, didnt it feel like nicholas braun was just playing a mentally ill cousin greg? like? can i just not disassociate cousin greg from him or was he kinda bad in this?

but it was still good! im satisfied! :)

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