The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★

#10 in Scorsese Ranked

About what I expected going in. It's definitely like, A Good Movie And Everything, but I probably will not feel compelled to watch it again any time soon in the same way I might with something like Goodfellas. I understand why it's so sprawling and deliberate in its pacing but fuck me does it sag super hard in the middle. At a certain point it really does just start feeling like an endless succession of scenes in which Al Pacino calls various men cocksuckers. I made the mistake of checking the time around this section and audibly wheezed when I saw how much was still left.

It's also just really distracting how bad/goofy most of the digital de-aging looks, but arguably not quite as distracting as how ancient a lotta these dudes are looking now. I kept thinking Pesci was Bill Murray for some reason? Similarly withered I guess. Also don't think I'll ever be able to take Pacino seriously again since witnessing Dunkachino.

I'm kinda interested in checking out Danny DeVito's Hoffa biopic to see how it compares to this though.

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