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  • Pulse



    pretty impressive how Kurosawa and his team manage to immerse this film in a general feeling of dejection. the hopelessness is oppressive and overwhelming. Kurosawa, Hayashi and composer Takefumi Haketa work a lot with dissonant images and sounds to achieve this effect. absolutely loved the use of shot-reverse-shot in this, really increases the feeling of isolation between the individual characters. Pulse is definitely one of the greats of J-horror produced at the turn of the millennium. watching this really fucked me up emotionally, but in a cleansing kind of way so yeah can't wait to revisit this.

    31 days of fright (2021) [30/31]

  • Noroi: The Curse

    Noroi: The Curse


    umm i feel like i've been cursed, i feel like Kagutaba is coming for my ass tonight or at least some time later this week. not even kidding.
    a quite ambitious, terrifying slow burn found footage/ documentary hybrid that manages to tie its multiple seemingly unrelated narrative threads into one hell of a gratifying climax. there's a lot of tension and creepiness right from the beginning, it's a real pleasure to watch the plot unfold and the final act is…

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  • The Hand

    The Hand


    glad that this still hits the same 😔
    wish i had the writing skills to properly express my love for this film and the things it makes me feel... this will always hold a special place in my heart <3

  • Let's Scare Jessica to Death

    Let's Scare Jessica to Death


    watched this gem for the first time last night and really loved the mood it created, very calming almost dreamy, chilling and heartbreaking. this is a nuanced psychological drama with some horror elements; an absolutely mesmerising watch perfect for viewing late on a rainy night when you're all alone. i can't put into words with how impressed i am with the score and sound design, thinking about the soundscapes' effectiveness makes me go bonkers. really looking forward to revisit this film.

    31 days of fright (2021) [5/31]