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  • The Aviator

    The Aviator


    As much as a love letter to aviation as it is a downward spiral into madness. The glits and glamour of the times then rolls back to a man who cant stop himself but bounces back from a bloodied pulp from a burning wreck to a bearded man hording piss bottles.
    "You can bring in the milk"
    Like the man himself said "who doesn't love tits"

  • Danger Close

    Danger Close


    Australian Vietnam film that for the most part accurately depicts the Battle of Long Tan where a group of just over 100 ANZAC's held firm and repelled a force of over 2,000 relentless Vietcong.
    I was thoroughly impressed with the production lengths it went to and for an Aussie film it sits up there with some of the best 'Nam movies.

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    Amazing to see how many people can’t fathom a man interviewing a monkey. No monkey or ape is above the law.

  • Terminator: Dark Fate

    Terminator: Dark Fate


    I actually watched this twice before writing this review, and for a new Terminator film to still retain the same spirit as T2 is an achievement. Sarah Conner and Arnold are back and looking great, the REV-9 is a welcome addition and doesn't feel too gimmicky. The action, cast and set peices all come together in a well rounded package and the distinctive James Cameron paw prints are easy to notice and credit to the success.
    John Conner plays a role that you might not expect, but no less important.
    A real sequel.