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  • Iran Is My Land

    Iran Is My Land


    I've said it before and i'll say it again, there is absolutely nothing like iranian cinema from the 90's.

    So beautiful and surreal. Jodorowsky would love this.

  • The Experience

    The Experience


    "I think a good film is one that has a lasting power, and you start to reconstruct it right after you leave the theater. There are a lot of films that seem to be boring, but they are decent films, On the other hand, there are films that nail you to your seat and overwhelm you to the point that you forget everything, but you feel cheated later. These are the films that take you hostage. I absolutely don't like…

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  • Raspberry



    The way 'Raspberry' handles the topic of grief and having to let go and move on is done oh so perfectly. this is ultimately a masterwork, the club scene has to be one of the most beautiful scenes in film history. would absolutely recommend this masterwork if you like pissing in kitchen sinks at 2AM while listening to Cigarettes After Sex like myself.

  • Kill the Day

    Kill the Day

    there was a scene were three young boys were running around naked in a big field. this is why i love cinema