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  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal


    A nice if not a bit too much typical post-Dardennes film. It wanders a bit in the end while in Belgium (shot there, not in France) but the two of them holding each others in bed, crying over a tacit break-up, did really strike me hard. Beautiful and real all along, just lacking a bit more cinematic ideas and surprises that'd stretch the film beyond its concept.

  • Ben-Hur



    Obviously amazing but overlong (I didn't feel connected to anything before the betrayal) and a bit too religious-y in litteral ways that went too far and were too miraculous for my tastes (and yet the reflection of the cross on the rain-filled ground is exceptional). But I did jump and scream out loud non-stop during that intoxicating piece of cinema that is the race - I just can't understand how they did it.

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  • Light Is Calling

    Light Is Calling


    Unexpected emotional soundtrack turns Light Is Calling into a surprisingly moving experience. One of the very few "mainstream" (meaning : that you can easily share) experimental film I've seen. Simply beautiful and a good companion to Pas De Deux if you want to push reluctant people into experimental.

  • Frenzy



    Somewhere between Coen Brothers, Haneke and Blake Edwards lies Hitchcock's Frenzy, one of the most bizarre, perverse and lough-out-loud funny Hitchcock's movies. It's brilliantly conceived - the voyeurist brutality of the first murder is hidden for the second one, when the girl we wants to see alive and well disappeared in the killer's flat, only to be imagined and remembered as the camera pulls back from the stairs until far in the street, only let with silence first, then the…