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This review may contain spoilers.

i honestly don’t think it’s really fair to give this a finite rating upon first watch (the same way i felt 2 weeks ago with my initial review) because, akin to the protagonist’s journey, the tenet viewing experience inherently relies on revisitation and (quite cleverly) becomes a “temporal pincer movement” all of its own. further, the film becomes the algorithm and the sequence of events the scattered pieces etc.

yes all the dialogue and branagh’s character in general still sound like they’re from a call of duty cutscene and i’m getting a little weary of nolan’s penchant for intentionally obscuring pivotal information—through dialogue mixing and whiplash exposition dumping—for the sake of added “mindfuckery” i.e. the complexity equating intelligence argument. however, if you look at this as a speedrun bond movie trapped in a shane carruth movie scored by nightcore (and pick up enough puzzle pieces along the way) there are many rewards on rewatch. also elizabeth debicki is 6’3. 

in the scene where JDW wakes up after the car crash he sees neil nursing kat. after neil injects her, JDW comes to again and we can cleary see neil mouth the word “mother,” (deliberately muted by nolan) followed by something audible along the lines of “shouldn’t be too long now”. heard it here first!!!

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