Oldboy ★★★★½

Oldboy is one of those movies that you do not really watch, it is a movie you experience. The less said about this movie the better off for the viewer. When I saw it for the first time I knew nothing about it other than my vegetarian friends had warned me that there was a terrible sequence of a live octopus being eaten by the main character.

Their warning, in hindsight, was tepid nonsense. In the end this scene was nowhere near the most disturbing/shocking/surprising scene in this insane and insanely entertaining movie. The plot is one of revenge but make no mistake about it, this is not a normal revenge film.

It is not a normal film in any way. It is visually inventive and engaging. You see a director of substantial vision and creativity at work here. Notably a flashback sequence taking place at the main character's old high school shows of the director's flourish.

The movie will not please everyone. It is very violent, bloodier than most and has some ideas/themes that are very unpleasant. However, there is an artistry at work here that shines out from behind all of these things. What this light reveal is a mvie crackling with life and creativity. It is a rare film that makes a great impact on the viewer and Oldboy is a movie that you are not likely to ever forget.