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  • The Platform

    The Platform


    a nice light movie to watch while you're in isolation
    much preferred the Villeneuve short with the same kind of concept mostly due to the run-time it got the message across effectively in a short amount of time while this just was not subtle at all
    appreciate the ending though, i dont see how this could have a better ending

  • Daydream Nation

    Daydream Nation

    why are the ratings for this so high lmao this was so ass

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  • Colours


    love that this is the same cinematographer that worked on mandy

  • Band Aid

    Band Aid


    this was cute as hell and i thought to myself "aw i want this for me" until they fought again then i was just like hmm no maybe i should just never do a relationship ever that seems like the best option
    but what i DO want for me? fred armisen. lemme just snuggle him pls