Margaret ★★★★★

Perfect encapsulation of someone suffering through trauma. Obviously a double feature with H2 by Rob Zombie would just make you feel the absolute worst, but both just explore trauma so accurately in ways most films wish they could. While Halloween 2 is more about the PTSD of a character, this is more about the emotional part of trauma, trying to gain sense of emotion and rationalizing what happened. It operates on a bigger scale then Halloween 2, operating on the scale of New York post-9/11. It's really not a secret that it relates to it, given the empty, long urban city shots with planes drifting in the background to dialogue. Everyone is trying to cope with how to deal with themselves after a tragedy, trying to go on with normal life, ignoring those that suffer the most. But while Halloween 2 goes for hopefulness, this goes for holding onto the emotions and embracing others through emotional attachment and real connections. This just goes through so much at such a grand scale that it's so hard to write into words.

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