Rumble Fish ★★★★½

Coppola manages to create a movie about youth, and about how the days of youth is slowing coming away from us. The raw energy, the willingness to fight all the time, and being unable to grasp bigger concepts as a way of being young. However, youth only lasts so long. Viewed through the eyes of the Rusty, he sees the world change around him in a short manner of time. Aesthetically, it is seen through the motorcycle boy. The black and white reality showing the city being stuck in his past, as he has grown out of his childhood town, the voices talking about the past being faint echoes in the wind. He has all grown up and tried to break free, and yet he comes back to the town to free his brother from the constraints of his fate (as shown in the out of body experience). The colour of the fish symbolizing their freedom, the colour in general realizing that they are no longer youthful, but free. It pisses me off that people undersold Coppola for the last 30-40 years because he is aesthetically one of the best to ever do it, and this is further proof of that opinion.

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