Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai ★★★★★

I wish I could remember when I watched this film. I think it has quickly become lost in the sea of dates and times that allows one to both remember and forget the early spring of their youth. I was enamored with this film. It came at a time when my eyes started to flow outward into the world and my thoughts deeper inward to myself. What is masculinity? How do I define that for myself. There are seven samurai. Each of them written differently. Some different ages. One not a samurai at all. But he lived like one. And more importantly, he died like one. The importance of the number is not that there are seven archetypes, but seven against hundreds. Yet they still fought. Because the battle was worth fighting. Because the number does not matter. Because discipline is the true form of masculine will. One of the most beautiful scenes is Kyūzō fighting the swordsman. The discipline to overcome one's emotion and hold the weapon steady is present in every movement of Kyūzō's sword. It is present in Kurosawa's camera. The movement is graceful and restrained. The movement from the head to sword is matched from Kyūzō to Kurosawa.