Midnight Special

Midnight Special ★★

Well executed, beautiful cinematography, but do they really think we're stupid enough not to notice the gazillion plot holes?
I mean, you don't have to give viewers all the answers, and I get it. But when you build the entire thrill of your movie on finding out the explanations behind things and you simply dismiss it all with a "nah", it feels like the entire plot was sloppily put together just so the director would get to film the final scene.
It gets to the point of a guy looking at a goddamn white board and having an eureka moment THAT IS NEVER EXPLAINED TO THE VIEWERS.
It gets to the point that the only female characters in the movie is only there to run and cry.
It gets to the point that an entire church/cult subplot is forgotten and left behind within half an hour of the movie.
I hear wonders about Jeff Nichols, but this simply can't be it. I'll have to watch his other movies to find out what it's all about.

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