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  • The Tokyo Mighty Guy

    The Tokyo Mighty Guy


    This week I asked our Two Cents Film Club to take a chance on an obscure movie I absolutely adore, a 1960 Japanese musical comedy that most of them had never heard of. I'm gratified to report the result was a unanimous love fest for Tokyo Mighty Guy.

    Tokyo Mighty Guy is a little difficult to explain. It’s not particularly about anything while sort of being about everything, with a mishmash of subplots, themes, and colorful characters weaving through its…

  • Venom



    Having a hard time committing to a star rating on this one; I'm not sure I can recall another recent film that's both this thoroughly dumb and ludicrously entertaining.

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  • Ernest Scared Stupid

    Ernest Scared Stupid


    12-year-old Me: ★★★★★
    32-year-old Me: ★★
    Composite Score: ★★★½

    I can live with that.

  • Gravity



    I've been waiting anxiously seven years for Alfonso Cuarón to bless us again. It's been that long since Children Of Men, a film so phenomenal and powerful that it changed the way I view and think about movies. It was one of my first HD-DVD purchases, and went on to become the most watched in my collection until the format eventually succumbed to Blu-Ray.

    Gravity is likewise an astounding and absolutely gorgeous film, and regardless of how you may end…