Sleepwalkers ★★½

Part of Hoop-Tober III

Film #31: Sleepwalkers (1992)

Stephen King's Sleepwalkers is such a dumb movie. I can't even begin to understand how a group of people could all get together and agree to make such a stupid idea. It makes no sense. At least make it about killer cats! Killer cats are ridiculous, but at least it's entertaining in its absurdity. No, instead it's about shapeshifting creatures that are allergic to cats?!? That are kinda like vampires, but not really??!? And they have magic powers that can make a Pontiac Trans Am turn into a Ford Mustang, but that's kind of the extent of it?!?!?!? And they are incestuous for no apparent reason other than to gross out the audience?!?!?!? I'm just not feeling anything for the concept. And I generally love King. But this? This is bad.

However, credit to the film that it's still a fairly fun ride. Mick Garris's direction is typically bland, but he keeps things moving at a steady pace. The cast are really solid with Brian Krause being a surprisingly good lead, and Madchen Amick just being her wonderful, beautiful self (heavy sigh). The FX are ridiculous, but well done. Most importantly, though, it has the most badass movie cat of all time: CLOVIS!

If you're okay with the incomprehensibly silly concept, Sleepwalkers is totally watchable, stupid, stupid entertainment.

Anyway, that's 31 films watched and reviewed for Hoop-Tober III!! And I believe I met all the requirements. I'm gonna keep going, aiming for 50, but we'll see if I can keep up on the reviews. Happy Hoop-tober everyone!!

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