Vic Millar

Vic Millar


Did the Cinema Studies thing at NYU, now just watching movies to pass the time

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  • Resident Evil: Retribution

    Resident Evil: Retribution


    Audio Commentary with Paul WS Anderson, Milla Jovovich and Boris Kodjoe

  • Soldier



    Soldier can cry one manly tear, as a treat.

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  • Center Stage

    Center Stage

    The last film I will ever watch for a Cinema Studies course at NYU. Sometimes life isn't what you thought it would be.

  • The Shape of Water

    The Shape of Water


    I went into this movie desperately hoping they'd fuck, but left desperately wishing they hadn't. Not because of the look of Fishman - I totally buy him and his fish dick. It's his personality and apparent lack of emotional maturity. He's like ET or Air Bud or Iron Giant or Pete's Dragon or a gremlin or Johnny 5 or Mac & Me or any other number of adoptive things - convincing and adorable, but you don't want to fuck them. He's…