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  • Evil Under the Sun

    Evil Under the Sun


    It's another Agatha Christie adaptation, this time starring Peter Ustinov as Hercule Poirot in a murder mystery set on an Adriatic Island. An all star cast and the beautiful scenery make it a pleasant enough watch but it's not the most exciting mystery movie. One small problem, if you don't like the music of Cole Porter the soundtrack will drive you nuts, it's overpowering but it does suit the period setting. Verdict....average murder mystery.

  • Twilight's Last Gleaming

    Twilight's Last Gleaming


    "Gentlemen we have become a super power"

    Burt Lancaster, a disgruntled Air force general has taken over a missile silo in Montana and he threatens to launch nine missiles and so start a nuclear war as the missiles are aimed at Russia unless the President tells the American people the real truth about the Vietnam War. This is a tense, gripping political thriller with a nailbiting climax from one of my favourite directors, Robert Aldrich. Verdict....catch it if you can…

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  • The Glory Guys

    The Glory Guys


    Although the names and locations have been changed this western is obviously based on the infamous defeat of George Armstrong Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. It's a well made movie showing the lives, loves, trials and tribulations of life on a frontier fort in the Old West. Tom Tryon and Harve Presnel are good in the two lead roles and are ably supported by Andrew Duggan as the ambitious general that intends to lead them to…

  • The Guns of Fort Petticoat

    The Guns of Fort Petticoat


    During the Civil War a Yankee deserter (Audie Murphy) gathers a group of homesteaders together in an old mission and trains them to fend of attacks by Commanches, the twist is all the homesteaders are the womanfolk of men fighting for the Confederates in the war. Gradually all differences are overcome in their fight for survival and a grudging respect developes between the Yankee leader and the southern women. It's a lively western with some quite violent action for a 1950's movie. Verdict....its different and it's stars Audie Murphy and that's good enough for me.