Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit

This seems to be a pretty divisive film. I’ve heard from people on both sides. I guess I’m on the slightly more popular side. I thought the writing was at the forefront of Jojo Rabbit. Taika delivers an amazing coming-of-age tale about a war we’ve seen a million times on the big screen. However, it’s delivered from an angle that seems fresh and certainly new. Jojo Rabbit is really funny when it’s trying to be funny, pure when it’s striving to be pure, and a nail-biter when it wants you to be on the edge of your seat. This film hit on all cylinders for me.

Taika is a true auteur. 

Early on, I could understand how some people see Jojo Rabbit as problematic. But for anyone who thinks that, they must’ve stopped watching around the 25-minute mark. A very intelligent and thoughtful picture. 

I watched this with Kinsey and Jayme in my apartment, in Chicago, IL. 

Rented on Amazon Prime.

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