The Guest ★★★½

"What the fuck?"

I think I liked the ending more than I should have. A grieving family is visited by a man who claims to be their son's friend.The Guest stars Dan Stevens as the charismatic and enigmatic David Collins. This movie is fast paced and keeps the viewer hooked from the very beginning. With random events taking place when you least expect it, the film never drags. There's nothing exceptional about this movie, but it's easy on the eyes and ears. It's refreshing. I loved Dan Steven's performance as one of the most interesting anti-heroes I've seen in recent times. Maika Monroe was impressive too. Wasn't too fond of Lance Reddick's character though. Felt a bit stereotyped to me. The beautiful visuals and the assortment of random background soundtracks make up for the slight predictability of the movie, especially towards the end. A thriller with some rather flat and worn out plot elements which are presented in a somewhat original way, The Guest- with it's energizing uniqueness- is anything but boring.

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