Enola Holmes ★★★

Honestly at this point in time, something lighthearted and fun is what all of us need to entertain ourselves and give us a slight distraction to what is currently happening around the world, and this film certainly executed that air of gaiety really well. Though the fourth wall breaking in this felt like the story kept stopping sometimes (unlike, excuse me for comparing, Fleabag, that did it very smoothly), I still enjoyed following Millie’s character and her adventures nonetheless. Anyhow, I am still rating this with three stars for two specific and very valid reasons:

one, they had the audacity to make Sam Claflin look unattractive, and for that i simply could not accept AT ALL (i wanted some Finnick Odair realness, but we can’t have everything ofc)

and two, unfortunately not enough Helena Bonham Carter and her feminist compadres

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