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  • The Most Dangerous Year

    The Most Dangerous Year


    The Most Dangerous Year is a documentary that chronicles the battle for transgender rights in 2016. Sometimes the issues I've found with documentaries or docu-series are that they can feel one sided. Dangerous Year however doesn't fall into that category. It's a strong, well-thought out film that really sheds light into this issue. 

    The strength of the film is that it unfolds itself chronologically. Allowing for the viewer to experience the evolution of this issue in our culture. One of…

  • Show Yourself

    Show Yourself


    Show Yourself is a film which handles some pretty heavy topics. However, it's in the handling of said subjects that it loses what could have otherwise been a bold entry into the genre.

    The film tells the story of Travis, an actor who is experiencing the aftermath of Paul, who died by suicide. This is where it starts to lose its boldness. For the majority of the film you are left to infer from context that Paul ended his life.…

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  • Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie

    Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie


    Are you a fan of the original series? Covered.
    Have you never seen this show before? Covered.

    That's the greatest thing about this film. It allows old fans to revisit old friends in Arnold, Helga, Gerald, Grandpa, Grandma, Mr. Nguyen & more; while at the same time invites new fans into the mythos without feeling lost. Within the first 20 minutes, the movie does a stellar job at both deepening the mythology of the series, as well as introducing new material…

  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    A Quiet Place is a horror film that even its' earliest legacy, its self apart from other films in the genre. Spent about 95% in silence, the film tells the story of a family who is surviving day to day in a world where predators are drawn to sound. The acting of this film is top notch. The writing is incredible. The pacing never feels slow or goes too fast. It sets itself up nicely to always keep the audience…