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  • The Master

    The Master


    The Master is so many things to me. 

    Its a cynical critique of belief systems, a painful portrait of a vulnerable and confused post-War America, a materialized psychological battle between the minds primal desires and its need to confront/control these desires, a metaphorical journey of attempting to correct past traumas/demons, a meditation on man’s beastly nature, a disturbing illustration of master/servant dynamics, the understanding that we need a purpose in life to not feel aimless and nihilistic, a beautiful love…

  • Climax



    The provocateur is back, and to no surprise, he is again operating on his best and worst instincts. Gaspar Noe has become one of my favourite filmmakers recently. Irreversible was the first film I saw from his depraved filmography, and it really made a huge impact on me. Its achievements in filmmaking and its relentlessness had me sold instantly, and since then I have been a willing, albeit scared participant in his sadistic work. After trudging through most of his…

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  • The Master

    The Master


    The Master is undoubtedly awe-inspiring for much of its runtime, but man I would be lying if I said some scenes don't go on a little too long and that the third act doesn't get a little tedious. Lots of fat could be cut out of this thing, but oh well. The themes are also a little too ambitious, making the film impenetrably cryptic and frustrating. Its still a pretty good film though. Rami Malek makes up for the films shortcomings a little bit, which is nice.


  • Center Jenny

    Center Jenny


    Ryan Trecartin is a filmmaker I have known about for a while, but hadn’t watched a film from yet, as from what I had seen prior to watching a full film of his, this guy is overwhelming to say the least. You gotta be in the right mood. Trecartin’s films are super loud, annoying, disorienting, aggressively bizarre, and disturbingly absurd in a cursed-image kind of way. His characters are loud, there voices are pitched high, and they are dressed in…

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  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse



    World premiere.

    What a way to end my week at the festival.

    Pattinson and Dafoe give career-defining performances, going toe-to-toe as they slowly descend into madness amongst the elements, isolation, and a number of abstract mysteries/forces, in Eggers chilling and atmospheric nautical nightmare. The atmosphere that Eggers creates is absolutely haunting, with the beautifully stark black and white photography, which to me was sometimes reminiscent of what I saw in Bergman’s HOUR OF THE WOLF, the menacingly overpowering and…

  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep

    This movie is genuinely one of the worst films I have seen in a long time. Eh, maybe ever. I am shocked at this films reception. I mean come on. The film is either doing an annoying, laughable, unnecessary, and cheap impression of Kubrick’s film, or it’s being its own thing, and when its being it’s own thing it is just laughably bad and cliche. The villains are so indescribably cartoony and over the top. I honestly can’t believe they…