Beanpole ★★★½


My first film of Cannes 2019!! Well, my first film at Cannes ever!! Unfortunately I got some pretty awful, yet thankfully brief, food poisoning and heat stroke so I was unable to attend day 1 of my 3 day pass. Tried to watch as many films today to make up for it, and this is the first!

Beanpole was a pretty great film. Likely my favourite of the festival so far (at this point, I have seen 5). I found myself really appreciating a lot of the decisions in the directing. Intimate cinematography, with lots of close ups and movement being used to connect with the characters. Stylistically it made the film feel personal and made the struggles of the two main characters easy to get engaged with. There were some sequences that were very beautifully shot. The acting was pretty stellar and convincing all around, making some of the more climactic scenes very emotionally effective. The character dynamics, specifically between the two leads, were unique and almost always fascinating and unpredictable. There were at least a few scenes that realllllyyy got me. The film would likely be a solid 4/5 if it weren’t for a few moments where the film really slows down, as the film unfortunately takes some less than interesting narrative detours, as well as a score that is incredibly cliche, unnecessary and puts a damper on the more affecting scenes. If some subplots and the score were removed, this would easily be something that I could wholeheartedly love. Lotssss to love here. It grows on me the more I think about it, but unfortunately it has some things that set it back a little. I would definitely recommend though, if and when it gets a wide release! Definitely something I would watch again!


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