Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★

Maybe the most satisfying revenge story on film. To me at least. This movie gives me the chills during countless scenes and by the end I am always in such a great mood after watching. I typically don't weigh the emotional impact of a film tooooo highly, but I can't help myself in the case of this film. The performances are almost all exceptional. Unfortunately, Jamie Foxx's performance is slightly underwhelming, but he doesn't need to be anything more than what he provides. His story is enough to give his character depth and to root for him. Christoph Waltz is brilliant, and this is one of my favourite DiCaprio performances to be quite honest. They are both absolute joys to watch. Samuel L Jackson is damn hilarious and his character is quiteee a memorable one in the Tarantino universe (as are the others I mentioned). This movies tone goes from dark, hilarious, to emotional and it works every time without feeling awkward or tonally sporadic. This is a bloody film, and anyone at all familiar with Tarantino knows his stance on violence in films and how he chooses to portray it, and it is indeed fun as fuck. The music is almmmmost perfect. When I first watched this film I loved the use of rap songs, however this time around my opinion has kind of changed. I don't think either song needed to be there, esspecially not 100 Black Coffins. Other than that, every single song is perfect and fits so well. While I am complaining, there are also some helllllaaaa choppy slow-motion scenes which is strange because there are plenty of uses of slow motion that are so smooth. These flaws are few and in between, as this is otherwise an amazing film. Almost 3 hours in length, and it never slows down once. Tarantino knows when to have drawn-out dialogue scenes, effeciently building tension and he knows when to have scenes of painting houses red with his fun, over-the-top blood and violence. Tarantino the writer, and Tarantino the sick fuck who loves his blood almost perfectly constructs this stylized epic. One hell of an experience that will have you crying, wincing, laughing, and cheering all throughout.

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