Gummo ★★★★½

This film is virtually impossible to prepare for. The first 10 seconds of this film immediatley tells you just how strange this film is going to be. With a black screen and very echoed audio of a young kid rapping "peanut butter, motherfucker, tune in dick, mess with me and get your ass kicked!" This is one of the most unique experiences I have ever had with film. That being said it is also probably the most vile, disturbing, and hard to stomach film experience as well. This film is incredibly bizarre in both its technicalities and narrative. The editing and filming is incredibly unqiue and there are some fantastic and penetrating sequences and shots that are sure to haunt you well after watching. Often hyponitizing with very strange and unforgettable images paired with even stranger narration or music dubbed over. This film contains a disturbing shock-video-esque realism as well as nightmarish surrealism. Everything about this film is super disturbing from the off-kilter dialogue, horrific imagery, unconventional editing and camera techniques, and characters that all seem to be psychologically damaged or impaired. This film tries very hard to be super edgy, but its success in being wholly unique and portraying its themes of nihilism and cynicism surely overshadow this. This film is uncompromising both in its themes and presentation. The end product of all of these bizarre aspects is a film that honestly feels as if it is possessed. Although being pretty pretentious and incredibly difficult to stomach, Gummo achieves all it has set out to do. The director creates a truly unique and incomparable film that is unforgivingly horrific but also beautiful and highly skillful. Cat-lovers and the weak-to-the-stomach should definitely stay far away. I myself am a catlover, and do not at all consider myself someone who is weak in the stomach, however this film has honestly challenged that. 

Peanut butter, motherfucker.

**EDIT (quick thoughts)
cannot stop thinking of this movie. man it stays in your head. so unique and haunting. such a big fan of the style. truly piercing and one of the most visceral films I've ever seen. mesmerizing, hypnotic and disgustingly bizarre. not fully convinced that I understand it, but I don't fully subscribe to the idea of having to understand a film to enjoy it, or even for film to have a set meaning. its achievement in tone and emotion alone are truly exceptional. unforgettable, beautiful, difficult and raw film experience. I can honestly understand if someone would rate this half a star, but personally it just really worked for me

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