Zodiac ★★★½

This film is information overload and very mentally stimulating. It moves at an incredibly fast pace, thanks to some great editing that is very rapid but also manages to be smooth. The amount of information learned in every scene is pretty nuts and can make it occasionally hard to keep up. Excellent writing and editing definitely give this film some energetic pacing for a very compelling story. With any other director I could see this movie being a bore, but its the opposite. In fact, for its length, it can be a little too constantly stimulating. My head did hurt after watching this, as there is so much information to keep up with and grasp onto, flying at you with such swift pacing. Don’t know if thats a complaint or not to be honest. Every actor in the film gave very amazing and detailed performances. They all had many subtle mannerisms that contributed a lot to the believability and enjoyability of their characters, especially Jake Gyllenhaal. Very well-shot, although I gotta say, some of the CGI is incredibly noticeable. This film is a lot to take in on one watch, and I will have to see it again to absorb every detail of it. To me, its not up to par with some of his best, but still a very well-directed and compelling story. I think the film is a little too fast paced for its own good. I don’t think there is enough breathing room to build up to the films most exciting moments, as the entire film is very energetic and does not brake ever. Also found myself dissatisfied with the ending. Like I said, I will need to watch this one again, and my opinion on the film could be higher or lower, not sure! We’ll have to see. Too much to take in on first watch. For now, its a very dope movie with some great performances, fantastic editing and a very compelling script. It has all the masterful and detailed direction as other Fincher film's, just not as hard hitting as most of his other work, in my opinion. Regardless, it’s a treat to see a ‘new’ Fincher film (new to me, that is).

Strong 7 to light 8! Pretty damn sure its an 8 though. 7 seems too low.

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