Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★★★½

the reviews are true. this is amazing. the trailers were absolute garbage and it gave me pre-conceived notions that this movie would be as well, but i'm so thankful it wasn't. 
thank god GOTG 2 and homecoming seem to be getting off that notorious dull color MCU track. with the colors popping it really made eveything else shine, such as the set designs and locations; we're going EVERYWHERE in this, not just stuck in one vicinity like the first Avengers movie. set designs are my kink so it bumped this movie up in quality. 
the humor doesn't feel as forced as it did in GOTG 2, it actually felt natural for the characters and setting, but the amount avengers references on the other hand did feel forced, holy shit; that and spiderman's lack of fighting in this movie made me bump it down half a star. the whole movie he never really defeats anybody single handedly and it's kind of disappointing for me.
all in all, i have a ton of more points i want to hit but my review would be way to long, so imma just say this is a great movie and my favorite in the MCU, please do not let the trailers fool you like they did me.
this was DEFINITELY worth a year of waiting, for me at least.

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