American Honey ★★★★

"No one has ever asked me about my dreams before."

Characters often jump in a car hoping to find a better life, a sudden realization that there's more to life than home. That person most of the time is a male, that person most of the time is white. Road movies have always been made for white people. It's a macho world out there and not quite often you get to see a leading lady...less likely one of colour. It's damn time that the games are changing. Little by little. 
Walmart, Subway, Mcdonalds, Pizza Hut, Coca Cola, Mountain Dew, Pokemon, Spiderman...all the places and things these people are running away from flash before their eyes every single day as they navigate the streets of a new town. Capitalism is present in every scene of this film. 

Andrea Arnold finds a way to make an Americana through the eyes of a woman of color quietly observing how white folks react to their surroundings, never partaking in their endeavours but never fully a stranger to them either. White folks appropriating African American culture, white folks dressing up as white trash, white folks lying to get money. It's alright for this movie to be imperfect and messy because it brings so much more to the world. Its brimming with details, complexity. It wants to be permissive and it also wants to be rebellious. I accept that.

Thank you Andrea Arnold because once again a woman has made me realise that details do matter in the world of cinema. Thank you for sharing this submersive work that I look forward to revisiting.

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