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  • Princess Mononoke

    Princess Mononoke


    I have so many films to log, and I really try to keep track of them all.

    One thing is for sure; Disney will never, and I repeat, NEVER, get up on the same level as Miyazaki. No matter how much "The Lion King" (the 1994 version ofc! Not the shitty remake) has made me cry. No matter how much I enjoy the amazing gags in various Disney films. I will never appreciate those more than Miyazaki's masterpieces. And yes,…

  • Ant-Man



    What is this, the number 13 Marvel film. Well, in case you didn't know, 13 is my favorite number (also my lucky number), and "Ant-man" happens to be the 13th film if you watch the MCU chronological order. "Ant-man" might as well be one of my favorites in the MCU as it's more or less a side story with personality instead of a sequel to the rest.

    The film is directed by Peyton Reed and co-written by Edgar Wright. There…

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  • Soul



    On the day of Christmas, I usually spend my day with my family, just pure relaxation. I saw three films that day, where I, for instance, reached my No., 2500th film (being "The Prisoner of Shark Island"). However, before I review that one, I want to talk about the new Pixar film, which premiered on Disney+ yesterday. "Soul" is yet again a touching and thought-provoking feature animated film by the master himself, Pete Docter. Docter is behind films like "Up,"…

  • Three Guys Named Mike

    Three Guys Named Mike


    Refreshing, sweet, and jolly; are some words I could describe Charles Walters' 1951 classic-comedy. "Three Guys Named Mike" stars Jane Wyman, Van Johnson, Barry Sullivan, and Howard Keel and centers around a young stewardess who meets three guys with the same name and they fall in love with her. The 1950s is a significant era to me. I love watching classic films and are not afraid to find some unseen or less popular titles. "Three Guys Named Mike" isn't a…