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  • The Thin Man

    The Thin Man


    It's all personality in this picture. It's what makes it - that incomparable banter between its two leads, Nick and Nora, who feel so comfortable and at home in the picture you almost think they're entirely aware they're in a movie. Of course, that chemistry between Powell and Loy has never been replicated, not even by Hanks/Ryan, who are almost always servants to the plot.

    No, "The Thin Man" was the first picture that broke the mold for the staid…

  • Too Much Johnson

    Too Much Johnson


    This early attempt by Welles to film a true motion picture and a throwback to the old days of Keystone feels both charming and fresh. Charming in the nostalgia Welles clearly had for the old maestros. Joseph Cotten does his best Harold Lloyd throughout, though Edgar Barrier is all Sennett and Chaplin, twirling a mustache and mugging for the camera.

    It's fresh in the way Welles shoots the film. It's a decade since the fall of the silent comedies -…