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  • Tailgate




    Finally, a worthy follow up to the ‘polder-thrillers’ Dick Maas used to make in the 80’s with De Lift and Amsterdamned.

    Genuinely has the best jump-scare of 2019. Also has a great opening scene, and it doesn’t let the tension go from there till the end.

    The antagonist is so good I could see a whole Friday The 13th-esque franchise with him as the killer, backstory and everything. Only gripes; some annoying character dialogue and the ending fizzles out a little. 

    No one saw this movie, so the chances for Bumperkleef Part 2: Ed Takes Amsterdam are very low. Shame.

  • The World's End

    The World's End



    There is a fairly big chance that I will become Gary King in 20 years.

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  • Instinct




    NFF Openingsfilm

    Halina Reijn said in the Q&A beforehand that her goal was for people to have interesting conversations about the film afterwards. She certainly achieved that. Really didn’t know what to think about it right after. Some scenes don’t work. But the ones that do are alienating, disorienting and really tense.

    Glad to have Carice back in a dutch film, she’s amazing in the role. Raw, aloof, but also with that dry humor she always brings to her dutch roles. Marwan is charming, funny and terrifying at the same time. 

    Certainly impressive as a directorial debut.

  • Rocketman




    On paper it reads like a by-the-book biopic; on screen it’s something else. A breakneck paced musical/fantasy that’s exactly the right type of over-the-top. The songs were used perfectly.

    But it all wouldn’t work without Taron Egerton, who outperforms Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury. From the first 30 seconds he’s on screen you know he’s perfect as Elton. 

    My only gripe: they could have gone even further; with the R rating, with the fantasy sequences. It sometimes felt like All That Jazz, but didn’t fully got to that level.