The Talk of the Town ★★★½

Something like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington meets Too Many Husbands, starring Jean Arthur as your common denominator.

The Talk of the Town is well-done, if a tad spotty in its tone. The blend between comedy and drama was a little uneven at first, I thought, but it smoothed out before too long, and by the end it turned into a very nice and decently philosophical dramatic film. The dialogue is smart and the sort of slow-burn turnabout is engaging.

The whole cast is great, but Ronald Coleman has the best role and is particularly good in it--he carries a lot of the film's philosophical weight and makes it seem important without being too heavy. The shots of the looks exchanged by Coleman, Arthur, and Grant in the Supreme Court chamber add just the right flavor of bittersweet to close out the romantic arc(s) as well.

Also, I got hyperfocused on the score because certain strains of the music during the final Supreme Court scenes sounded like Yoda's theme from Empire Strikes Back (1980). Was John Williams already scoring films when he was ten years old? I wouldn't put it past him.

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