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  • Thelma



    Did you like The Witch but wish it was gayer and set in modern times? Then this is the movie for you.

    Thelma is a movie that will really stay with me for a while after tonight. There’s so much to say about this movie, and yet there aren’t a lot of ways to describe it without reiterating over and over again that you need to see it for yourself.

    When I began this movie, I was worried. It’s a…

  • Psycho Beach Party

    Psycho Beach Party


    Do you like Scooby-Doo? Do you like high-camp comedy? Do you like a murder mystery? Then Psycho Beach Party is the perfect film for you.
    I’ll admit that I chose this for my 30 days of spooky pride for a purely selfish reason. Back when I was in junior high/high school and Logo used to air actually gay programing (Queer as Folk, Noah’s Arc, etc..) they used to show the most random of movies at odd hours. I’d see gay…

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  • Bear Creek

    Bear Creek


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Campy Queer b-movie horror at it's best!

    Bear Creek has been on my radar for a little while. I love trying to find gay movies that don't involve suicide, or coming out, or any of the other real world bullshit that often permeates within gay film. So when I was browsing all the free gay movies on Amazon Prime Video and this popped up, I was pleasantly surprised. As a fat gay dude myself, watching a horror film with guys…