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  • Fright Night

    Fright Night


    Cool, fresh, fun. One of the better remakes I've seen!

  • Buried



    You wake up. It's hot. Pitch dark. Hard to breathe. Lack of oxygen. You light your zippo and find yourself buried in a wooden coffin.

    I actually was afraid I couldn't endure it, but I did, because I had to know how it ended. I was on the edge of seat. I was shocked. And I absolutely loved it.

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  • John Carter

    John Carter


    Really enjoyed it! I can't help to like John Carter (the character) just because he is so darn stubborn and bad ass!

    I liked the pacing, the action sequences and the general way I felt relaxed and enjoyed watching it in the cinema, you know, almost the way I felt watching movies in the eighties, when everything I saw was fresh and fun.

    Only drawback was all the generic alien NAMES you actually have to remember in order to understand the movie. Perhaps a good idea to learn them before you see the film.

    Too bad it's flopping. John Carter deserves an audience.