Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy ★★★½

Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy- review

"People don't understand the problems of a 40 year old skate park cult leader, ya know" says Brewce Martin the owner of Skatopia, an 88 acre plot of land that he and his team are developing into a skateboarders paradise.
The documentary covers a year of Brewce's life as they are getting things ready for their next event, the Bowl Bash. He has many obstacles in his way, financial, incarceration and infidelity to name but a few. But he manages to scrape through to continue his Skatopia dream.
Life on Skatopia, on the surface is Hedonistic one. It has very little rules and full of danger (Brewce and his anger issues being one of them). Under the surface it's full of hard work and dedication that keeps the place going. Even the legendary Tony Hawke describes it as a "Right of passage", and it certainly seems that way. People travel vast distances to come to the events and even just to come and hang out while they participate in the "work to skate" policy that's enforced by Brewce himself. 

I think everyone with even a little punk rock spirit will enjoy this Documentary


After I finish skating this peanut bowl, I'm gonna burn my car.