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  • Fight Club

    Fight Club


    This was a cultural phenomenon 99 to the mid naughties (and beyond due to the very quotable dialogue.) Such a profound effect it had on my friends and I, we ourselves formed a fight club. We didn't learn anything (except I throw a mean right cross and broken fingers really hurt) or perhaps that you only really learn anything about yourself once you progress to Project Mayhem (which we never did. Because we were lazy)
You can't help but being drawn…

  • Nightcrawler



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Lou Bloom is a man with a singular driven mission to succeed. His unnerving manner is nothing short of psychopathic. After being refused employment on a building site, Lou comes across a motor accident, moments later a video journalist arrives and films the rescue that ends up on the morning news. Lou learns that being a 'nightcrawler' might be a viable career for him and would be something he would be good at. He develops quickly, and his intelligence and…

  • Paterson



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Everyone needs to be a bit more like Paterson, quiet, unassuming, thoughtful and even tempered. This is a film that you will either get or totally miss the point of. Pretty much the same as all the Jim Jarmusch films I have watched. It’s easy to overlook the poetry of the dialogue, silences and the conflicting characters.

    Paterson is a bus driver in the city of Paterson, New Jersey, he is also a poet. Poetry is something he does for…

  • Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy

    Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy


    Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy- review

    "People don't understand the problems of a 40 year old skate park cult leader, ya know" says Brewce Martin the owner of Skatopia, an 88 acre plot of land that he and his team are developing into a skateboarders paradise.
    The documentary covers a year of Brewce's life as they are getting things ready for their next event, the Bowl Bash. He has many obstacles in his way, financial, incarceration and infidelity to name…