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  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


    True story of what happened last night while watching this movie - - 

    Halfway through this movie I had a seizure, collapsed, and I guess nearly fucking killed myself when my fall was broken by my head slamming into a lantern that was sitting on the ground, shattering it. Glass was everywhere, my head was fuzzy and when I woke up I wasn’t sure if I was actually laying down or still standing up and was very confused.

    Then I…

  • It Had to Be You

    It Had to Be You


    I love Cristin Milioti so much. 

    “That kid looked a little like the Devil.”

    This movie is great.

    EDIT- just read some other reviews on here and wow, people REALLY hate this movie, huh? The fuck? It’s cute and sweet and sad and great. What the hell do people want from this movie, exactly...?