Trash ½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Trash is a loud movie with a ridiculous plot that vaporizes all good intentions. When José Angelo (Wagner Moura) tries to expose the corrupt politician he works for he wants to do it the complicated way. He hides the evidence behind a gravestone on a huge graveyard and makes it look like he has just buried his little daughter. The poor little girl has to wander among the graves for the time being. If she is lucky someone might find the clues that will lead to the evidence. The clues are hidden in daddy’s wallet. Before the father gets killed by the corrupt police he throws his wallet on top of the trash in a passing garbage truck. A poor orphan boy from the slums finds the wallet on the dump where he works with his friend and starts to unravel the mystery like he’s the main character in a Dan Brown novel.

The movie goes from one fast cut action sequence to the next plot hole. At least three times director Stephen Daldry uses the technique of parallel editing to show two action sequences at once, a tiresome trick that make the scenes run like greyhounds with hiccups. All the action is accompanied by a relentless score which makes the movie sound like you’re watching the trailer of The Expendables 60 times in a row. Actor Martin Sheen is wasted as a drunk priest.

The message of this movie? Living in a favela is like being part of a great adventure story.