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  • Creep 2

    Creep 2


    Don't know if I liked the original or this more...and rarely does a sequel does this.

  • Creep



    What a Creepy, hilarious and surprisingly touching film🙌⛏️...next up Creep 2.

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  • Minari



    Understated in everyway Minari is the kind of film no one makes anymore...a wholesome family drama with hidden pain under the surface...
    Beautifully shot, wonderfully directed and impeccably acted along with beautiful serene score....
    A film which actually fills you with joy and how heartwrenching the ending is will actually leave you with most important thing we need right now...Hope...

  • [REC]



    Rewatching this fantastic film just because I want to watch the sequel and I don't remember much of the plot of the first one.
    Still holds up excellently as one of the best found footage films ever made. The anxiety, thrill and horror is some of the best you'll ever experience.