Oldboy ★½

Far from the lazy remake I expected based on the film's repugnant reputation, this is in fact one of Lee's most visually accomplished films and exceeds the original in terms of its visual creativity. Every scene contains one stunningly shot moment, or a piece of striking composition.

Like the original, the story here is tordid nonsense which becomes less and less interesting as it is unpacked; nonsense which Lee has nothing to add to, but which he conveys. Copely gives his best and only good performance here, while the rest of the cast is trying to act in a Spike Lee social drama he gets that this is camp farce.

There are some for whom the original Oldboy is a sacred text and for them this was an affront, honestly I think it just reveals exactly what that film was without the facade of subtitles and the then exotic world of the Korean New Wave.