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  • Predator



    Although Predator is often rightly named as an example of superb eighties action schlock, such statements fail to appreciate that it is much more thematically developed than most films you would find mentioned in the same list. Its themes are hard to discern not because they are opaque, but rather because the surface narrative camouflages the film’s depth of content. To appreciate Predator to the full, one must become like the alien trying to find Scharzwenneger covered in mud, hidden…

  • Magnolia



    What makes the work of PTA so special and unique – and the following is especially true for Magnolia – is how it chooses to portray the Outcast. A lot of fiction of course deals with repudiated and estranged figures, but generally this is done in such a way as to still affirm the kind of exclusionary thinking that rejects those very figures. A clear example is the universally loved Tyrion from Game of Thrones. The way the show creates…

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  • Lost, Lost, Lost

    Lost, Lost, Lost


    Jonas Mekas’ films are particularly hard to rate and review because the parts which are interesting and beautiful (of which there are indeed several) seem to be so despite of him rather than because of him. He claims to want to celebrate life through the medium of cinema and does so to an extent, but one cannot help the feeling that he is celebrating his ego more than anything else. The voice-over in ‘Lost lost lost’ makes it quite clear…

  • No Country for Old Men

    No Country for Old Men


    Expanded for Dutch speakers:

    Some thoughts on the "is-Anton-Chigurh-a-supernatural-being?" discussion:
    The answer is obviously no, but he could be seen as something of taoistic psychopath. He understands the nature of the universe and offers zero resistance to it- on the contrary, he uses it to his advantage by going with the flow of his own (deranged) mental constitution and the events which come his way. It is this quality which makes him so unconquerable and which makes him seem…