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  • Viy



    Hooptober #14

    Viy, based on a tale written by the famous Nikolai Gogol, is the only horror movie made under the Soviet regime.

    The story follows a seminarist who has to pray for 3 nights in a row in front of the deceased body of a witch. As soon as the doors of the church lock and the seminarist is left alone with the body, the witch starts manifesting all sorts of paranormal activity.

    The movie has some flows: it…

  • The Changeling

    The Changeling


    Hooptober #13

    Probably one of the best ghost movies I've watched in my entire life! This story is great, it keeps you interested from the beginning till the end. I really loved the whole gothic atmosphere to it and how there were many pretty creepy scenes.

    Also, I thought the idea of a ghost related to a well has kind of started with RIngu and wow, this one uses the well element also, that was a surprise! Also, nice plot twist! Straight tomy favorites.

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  • Bride of Frankenstein

    Bride of Frankenstein


    Hooptober #5

    The Bride of Frankenstein might have the most deceiving title ever. The bride gets about what... 10? maybe 5 minutes of screen time?

    The story is still centered on Frankenstein's monster and how alienated he feels, while people are awful and cruel towards him. Just as the original one, this movie is more about being horrified at the insensitivity and cruelty of humanity, than about finding the monster scary.

    This movie also has some of the most iconic…

  • Ringu 2

    Ringu 2


    Hooptober #3

    The sequel of Ringu, does not disappoint. It might not be as strong as its predecesor, but nevertheless it succeeds in keeping you interested and in keeping the level of creepiness of the first one.

    I found that the story struggles a bit to remain cohesive and some elements felt a little farfeteched, but overall this was a very good sequel. It will never cease to amaze me how -without relying on CGI or special effects- the Ringu…