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  • Missing 411

    Missing 411


    I believe that what makes these stories especially appealing is the historic fear that men have felt for the woods and of what might be hiding in them. It's quite shocking to see these amazingly beautiful places and to think of them as scenarios of tragedies and unexplained mysteries. The movie was quite intriguing, but at the same

    time I felt like it somehow lacked depth when portraying some of the cases. It was pretty interesting though, and it really…

  • Eden Lake

    Eden Lake



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  • #Horror



    A complete waste of time, don't even bother watching this.

  • The Forest

    The Forest


    I had high expectations for this one, sadly it turned out to be awful. Aokigahara forest has so much potential for creating an amazing story, it should have been easy!
    It had a few good jumpscares and beautiful cinematography but that was it.
    It started great but then the story turned into nonsense and it got me really angry. Watch Vice's documentary on the suicide forest, it's far more creepy than this.