The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera ★★★

History of Horror 2018
Week 2: Universal Monsters

After watching the 2004 version of this story, I was particularly intrigued to see if this movie could actually result into something frightening. The minute I saw Lon Chaney wearing that weird mask, I completely understood why the Phantom is such a beloved monster among the fans.

All of the masks worn by Chaney: the first one with human factions, the skeletal one and the last one that seems to have some sort of veil- all of them are fuel for nightmares. The iconic scene where the Phantom's horrible face is revealed, makes the whole movie worthwhile.

While many other moments might be a bit tedious, there's a lot of small elements that make this movie unsettling. The guy that's working on a prop at the beginning of the movie and who's basically holding what seems to be a Charles Manson's look-alike head was definitely my favourite.