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  • Heavy Traffic

    Heavy Traffic


    This is a great example of a film whose moments of brilliances are undone by its biggest selling point. Bakshi's Heavy Traffic is an interesting chimera of a stinging critique of the Brooklyn of his youth, yet also a love letter to those grungy streets. The character of Michael is clearly based on himself, giving the story a sense of personal importance that shines through for the audience. Its no holds barred approach to depictions of marginalized groups that gives…

  • Count Dracula

    Count Dracula


    Ah Jesús, you were so close.

    Despite the numerous Franco acolytes I seem to run into the Internet, I still can't figure out his appeal, or at least not entirely. Sure, the guy can shoot the crap out of gothic set pieces and his penchant for pointlessly lurid eroticism is at once irritating and admirable, but his movies just don't do it for me. They're needlessly padded, almost seem to not have an editor, and just can't hold my attention…

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  • The Bye Bye Man

    The Bye Bye Man


    Let's get one thing straight: this movie is garbage. The script is nonsensical and full of holes, the acting defines ameteur, and the editing is a nightmare.

    That being said, the audience at my screening made this so much more fun than it would have been if I watched it by myself at home. There is so much unintentional humor in this that the audience was laughing its ass off the entire time. I probably should have rated this much lower, but the good time the audience was having was too infectious and I found myself laughing along with them.

  • Piranha Part Two: The Spawning

    Piranha Part Two: The Spawning


    Joe Dante's 1978 creature feature classic Piranha is my go to reference for how to do a monster movie right: likeable characters, subtle sense of humor, and practical effects used sparingly. James Cameron's Piranha Part Two: The Spawning does absolutely none of that, yet still somehow manages to be endearing in its own right.

    Despite being known for extravagant budgets and an overreliance on CGI these days, it's weird to see a Cameron movies from his days with Roger Corman.…