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i love this movie so goddamn much and i’ll drift away from objectivity in this review. the dynamic of the corleone family (esp. between the siblings) made this much more than a typical gangster film—characters are given a more personal perspective than you first expect. by adding the intimacy of the family you get a closer look at motives and development—a flawless character study. 

the cinematography added such a subtle yet effective way of engaging the audience; it was another aspect of the endless beauties of this film. 

as joshua pointed out in his review, it of course there are still moments of misogyny present throughout the film—it’d be odd not to address it. this is especially prominent through connie’s role regarding sonny, or apollonia’s primary role of just being a plot device. 

anyways, this movie provides such a genuine feeling of betrayal, love, and hurt that develops in such an effortless way. hell, i still can’t articulate its feeling. 

top scenes
- horse head scene (idc if i’m a basic cinephile the music and tension worked together fucking beautifully)
- funeral/baptism scene (i’m a hoe for juxtaposition)
- every michael corleone scene (as every other transmasc says: do i want to date him or do i want to be him?)
- turk scene (panning to the reactions and having the gruesomeness in the background added to the uncomfortability of the scene and i am here for it)
- hospital scene (tension was perfect)

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